Why Las Vegas is the Perfect Location to UTV

Sin City — the biggest casinos, the finest restaurants, and, of course, the most extravagant versions of whatever you can imagine. Whether it’s gold-encrusted steaks or the Bellagio Fountains, Vegas is all about experiencing the finer things in life. And while these experiences are exciting, they often seem to focus less on pure, unadulterated fun — that’s where Las Vegas UTV Tours comes in.

We have side by side rentals in Las Vegas that let you have the experience of a lifetime! It’s not common for people to think UTVing when they think Las Vegas, but it really is one of the best places in the United States to experience a sport like this.

Great for Beginners and Riders With Experience

One of the best parts about UTVing in Las Vegas is the fact that the riding area is perfect for both beginners and riders with experience. The Nellis Dunes are a great part of the Nevada desert for people to start using side by side off-road vehicles in Las Vegas. They aren’t overwhelmingly challenging, but certain parts of the dunes can help drivers learn how and how not to maneuver their vehicle. Of course, the dunes also have sections that are perfect for riders with experience as well, keeping riders on their toes at all times.

Fantastic Views

Possibly one of the best parts of riding out in the Nellis Dunes is the view that you get from afar. Riders will take in a scenic view of the iconic Las Vegas strip while they are out on their desert adventure. Many riders have told us that this view gives them a new perspective on Vegas! Most people never get to see Las Vegas from the outside in, so this is a special experience for anyone that gets to live it.

Lots of Activities After a Day in the Dunes

Las Vegas, of course, is a place where it is never too hard to find something to do. After a day out in the dunes, you’ll want to take in all that the city itself has to offer. From the hotels and casinos to the shows and events, you’ll find plenty to do after an exhilarating day in the desert.

Not sure what your plans will be? Ask one of our staff members on your tour — they’re sure to help you find something you’re interested in.

UTV in Vegas

Ready for your next adventure? We are too! You can book your UTV tour right now by filling out a contact form or calling our 24-hour reservation line at 908-963-8830. We’ll see you soon!

How To Escape The Winter Chill

If you live in parts of the country that experience cold winter weather, the time of year when you start to wear multiple layers and warm up the car before driving is just about here. However, out on the West Coast in Las Vegas, we are lucky to experience moderate winters for the most part; but that’s not to say on some days temperatures couldn’t drop rather low. At Las Vegas UTV Tours, our off-road side-by-side tours across the Las Vegas desert are just one of the many ways you can escape the winter chill when you head out to Sin City. Learn more about how to beat the brutal winter weather by continuing reading below.

Book a UTV Adventure Tour

Obviously, the best way to have fun in Las Vegas is when you and your crew book a UTV adventure tour. Our off-road adventures in Las Vegas will take you cruising through sand and rocky mountain paths while operating brand new Can-Am Maverick 1000s.

Take The Group Through A Casino

Pick your poison. There is what seems like almost endless amounts of casinos for you to choose from when in Vegas. All up and down The Strip you can find casinos that are home to a table for just about every card game in existence. Plus, you can’t forget about the Vegas Sportsbooks and their unique atmosphere!

Watch Our Professional Hockey Team

Speaking of sports, Las Vegas is home to the newest professional hockey team. You can enjoy all the action of a thrilling sport like hockey, comfortable in the Vegas desert. Not to brag either, but the Vegas Golden Knights are just the third NHL team to make the Stanley Cup final in their first year.

If you’re the type of person that likes to plan ahead and prefers not to spend the entire winter in the freezing cold, you won’t be disappointed with a trip to Las Vegas. There are endless ways to escape the cold temperatures, and you’ll love the experience and memories you make when taking part in our off-road UTV tours.  

Call our 24-hour reservation line today at 908-963-8830 to book your UTV ride or visit the rest of our website for more information.

3 Ways to Enjoy Las Vegas without Gambling & Boozing

Let’s face it. Certain places, such as Las Vegas, are notorious for wild behavior and an anything-goes type of party atmosphere. While Sin City is lined up and down with all the casinos and clubs you could imagine, there are a plethora of other things to take part in that don’t involve gambling and boozing.  

At Las Vegas UTV Tours, we specialize in helping visitors enjoy Las Vegas in a different light; without all the flashes and buzzes of a slot machine or game. Believe it or not, there are a variety of different activities that are perfect for the entire family. To learn more, check out our brief list of three way to enjoy Vegas without the slots and shots.

  • Check out a live show — If you are searching for live entertainment, Las Vegas offers no shortage of that. Think about all the big names who have headlined shows in Vegas. From the “King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley, to legendary funny man Don Rickles, Las Vegas still offers the same allure for top talent to this day. Be sure to browse the different advertisements and billboards promoting all the different types of entertainers.  
  • Walk around The Strip — The Vegas Strip is 4.2 miles long and offers the chance to check out world-class hotels and attractions. From the MGM Grand to the Stratosphere Tower Observation Deck, you can see all the sights and sounds of the city right along this strip.
  • Book a UTV adventure tour — What better way to take in the incredible city of Las Vegas than by booking one of our thrilling UTV adventure tours through the Las Vegas desert. Our UTV tours are perfect for riders of any skill level, and our expert guides will make sure everybody has an enjoyable time cruising the beautiful trails and dunes.  

Are you planning on making a trip out to Las Vegas in the near future? Just remember, it’s not a requirement to only visit the casinos and bars. Here at Las Vegas UTV Tours, you can book an incredible UTV adventure ride in Las Vegas, and have just as much fun as anywhere else in Sin City. Call our 24-hour reservation line today at  702-750-9751!

Take Your End of Summer Family Vacation to the Next Level with Las Vegas UTV Tours

Las Vegas is an excellent place to vacation. We have our famous strip, the best casinos in the country, and the most extravagant dining experiences you can find in the world. Maybe that’s why over 42 million people choose to visit Las Vegas every year. When you’re on your next Las Vegas vacation, expand your horizons with Las Vegas UTV Tours! Not only will our guided tours be an atypical Las Vegas experience, but we’ll also give you exciting, action-packed memories that you won’t be able to get anywhere else in the city.

You’ll love riding with Las Vegas UTV tours! Here’s what you can expect when you ride with us:

Fun for the Whole Family

Our UTV tours are catered to the experience level of everyone in your family. If no one has been UTVing before, we’ll teach everyone what they need to stay safe and have fun at the same time. If the riders in your crew have various experience levels, we’ll be able to take you on a route that can let the more seasoned riders enjoy their time without forcing anyone to get too far out of their comfort zone. We can accommodate groups of 1 to 100, so no family is too big or too small.

Unforgettable Experience

When we drop you off at your hotel after a day out (yes, we do pick up and drop off), we’re sure that your kids will be talking about their day nonstop. From trekking across the Nellis Dunes to exploring the best off road trails in Las Vegas, you and your kids won’t forget the view you get of Vegas, not to mention the exciting moments that you’ll experience when you’re riding.

Horsepower. Fun. Family. It’s the Las Vegas UTV way for vacationing families.

Enjoy the Ride

The one great thing about riding with us is that you don’t need to worry about anything. As we mentioned, we do pick up and drop off from your hotel, but we also provide lunch and unlimited water for all riders. The Las Vegas sun can be hot and tiring. We don’t want anyone getting overheated or dehydrated. We also want to keep everyone’s stomachs full, so that they can get the most out of their riding experience.

Interested in experiencing the desert off road in Las Vegas while you’re on vacation? We have the tours for you and your family. Give us a call 702-750-9751 to schedule a tour!

Saturdays Are for the… UTV Tours

We’ve all heard it — Saturdays are for the boys. Some of us abide by this rule like its written law: Saturdays mean a couple beers with the boys and a night out on on the town. Las Vegas is a great city to practice the SAFTB ritual, boasting one of the best party scenes in the nation. What if you and your boys could make memories other than drinking beers by the pool and getting rejected by girls out of your league?

Well, here at Las Vegas UTV tours, you can. We offer high-speed, adrenaline pumping UTV adventure in Las Vegas that are sure to earn the right to be posted on Barstool’s Instagram page.

Whether you and your buddies are in town for a bachelor party, a weekend of gambling, or you are just tourists, we’ll have you leaving saying “Saturdays (or any day of the week, really) are for the UTV Tours.”

Bachelor Party

Sometimes when you’re at a bachelor party, you need a little break from all of the activities Sin City has to offer. Taking shots and hopping in and out of limos is fun, but it can be taxing and tire everyone out — even in the Sin City. Before the crazy weekend gets started, think about racing through the Nellis Sand Dunes with your buddies. It’s a great way to get the party started, and it’s an even better way to spend your time outdoors.

Gambling Weekend

If you and the guys took a weekend away to try your luck at the blackjack table, you might find yourself feeling like you need to do something where your money guarantees you a good time. Luckily, here at Las Vegas UTV tours, we can guarantee three things: a trip to and from your hotel room, a lunch out in the desert, and an unbelievable UTV experience.


People visiting Las Vegas just to see the neon city, go to a couple shows, and leave — wait! Las Vegas has one more thing to offer you that you might not have thought about: the desert. The desert of Las Vegas is unique, and taking a guided UTV adventure tour in Las Vegas will show you a side of the city you’ll rarely find in a tour book.

Book Now

Whether you’re in Vegas for a bachelor party, family vacation, or just a few wild nights of partying with the boys, we want to become part of your weekend getaway experience. To schedule one of our Las Vegas UTV tours, call us on our 24-hour reservation line: 908-963-8830. We’re excited to UTV with you!

3 Reasons To Bring Your Bridesmaids on a Guided UTV Tour

Are you and your bridesmaids in Las Vegas for “Girls Weekend” right before the big day? If so, you need to know all about the best off road side by side tour in Las Vegas. Here at Las Vegas UTV Tours, we know how to show bridal showers in Vegas a good time off The Strip. We certainly understand the urge to capitalize on mimosa brunches and spa days, but when you’re in Vegas you have to take things to the next level.

Here are three reasons why you and your bridesmaids need to be on our action-packed UTV tour:

You’ll Take In Awesome Sights

During our side by side UTV tours of Las Vegas, you and the girls will get to see Sin City from a whole new perspective. Whether it’s taking in The Strip and all of the flashing lights from the desert setting or seeing a fighter plane fly overhead from the nearby Nellis Air Force Base, you’ll want to make sure to pack the camera for this adventure.

You’ll Gain A Better Appreciation for Vegas

As you’ll find out by taking part in our UTV adventure tour, Las Vegas has way more to offer than just gambling, shopping and endless hotels with killer buffets. You and your bridesmaids will begin to learn about the incredible attractions that are just off The Strip, like he Hoover Dam. Our guides can inform you on the rich history about this landmark and much more.

Your Bridesmaids Can Truly Let Their Hair Down

If you plan on coming to Las Vegas for your bridal shower, it’s safe to say you have a little bit of a wild side. What better way to feed that adrenaline rush of Las Vegas than by riding around the desert in UTVs? Your bridal shower will get to navigate a terrain that has trails, dunes, and create the experience of a lifetime.

All it takes is one call to Las Vegas UTV Tours to get you and your bridesmaids out in the open desert of Vegas and riding on one of our side by side UTVs. Call (702) 750-9751 to learn more about our rates or dial 908-963-8830 to reach our 24-hour reservation line.   


3 Reasons to Take Your Bachelor Party on a Las Vegas UTV Tour

Have you recently proposed to your girlfriend and are now in the beginning stages of planning out the festivities that lead up to your big day? If so, our team at Las Vegas UTV Tours wants to congratulate you on this amazing time in your life. If you’re like most couples out there, you probably want to have your wedding during a time of year when the weather is not too hot, and not too cold. So maybe Las Vegas isn’t the best place to have your wedding, but we can sure promise you it is an excellent place for you and your buddies to come for the bachelor party.

While you may need to do a little extra convincing to get your soon-to-be-bride on board with this type of trip, it is definitely something that should not be ruled out. Besides, there are way more things for you and your crew to get into that’s not the typical Vegas routine.

Here are three reasons you and your bachelor party should go on a UTV Adventure Tour with our experienced team at Las Vegas UTV Tours.

1. Enjoy The Outdoors

This is Las Vegas, after all, so you are will most likely be spending a good amount of time, and money in one of the many casinos up and down the strip. If you feel like you’re getting to the point to where the buzzers and bells are becoming too much, and you need an escape, the vast Las Vegas desert is calling your name. On our UTV adventure tour take you through acres of dunes, trails and much more.

2. You Get Complimentary Lunch

Let’s be honest, during your bachelor party, sitting down to have a nice meal can be hard to squeeze in the schedule. Luckily, here at Las Vegas UTV Tours, when you take part in one of our UTV tours in Las Vegas, we provide complimentary lunch that can give you the needed energy to power through the day.   

3. You’ll Prove You Didn’t Party Hard All Trip

The last thing you need is to have the future wife thinking all you and the boys did was gamble your money away. By booking you UTV tour with us, you’ll be able to have awesome photos to bring back and prove that the bachelor party was a well-rounded trip.     

If you wish to create a unique memory during your bachelor party in Vegas, give our team at Las Vegas UTV Tours a call today at 702.750.9751 or dial our 24-hour reservation line at  908.963.8830.

Fun Facts about Las Vegas You May Not Know

You don’t even need to step foot in Las Vegas to know what it is all about. From the movies and television depictions to your friend’s Instagram post from a bachelor party weekend, we are sure you probably have a good idea of what goes down in Sin City.

However, at Las Vegas UTV Tours, we are known for providing the entertainment off the beaten path with our guided UTV tours throughout the Vegas Desert. You may have not even been aware that you could cruise the Las Vegas terrain in one of our Can-Am Maverick 1000’s, but we are sure after you book your tour with us, you won’t soon forget.

Now that you know about our thrilling UTV rides, here are some interesting facts about Las Vegas you may never have heard of before!


When Frederick Smith, founder of corporate giant Federal Express, was down on his luck and his company was losing more than $1 million each month, he gathered up the remaining assets of the company and flew to Las Vegas. Here, he used the last $5,000 the company had left and risked it on blackjack bets. Over the span of a weekend, he won an additional $27,000 to keep the business running, and the rest is history.    

Hotel Rooms

Finding the perfect hotel for a trip to Vegas shouldn’t require too much research as there are countless hotels up and down the strip to choose from. Did you know that according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Research Center there are upwards of 150,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas? That’s quite a lot! With the average cost running around $126 per night, a weekend stay may be less expensive than you believe.  

Nuclear Testing Site

Before tourists were coming to Las Vegas to gamble and party, many visitors in the 1950s chose to take in the testing of the United States’ nuclear capabilities. At what was known as the Nevada Test Site, tourists could see mushroom clouds from almost 100 miles away. While visitors can still take a tour of the facility, there are no longer any nuclear weapons at the site.     

There are several other fun facts about Las Vegas, but it’s up to you to make the trip out here to find them for yourself. While you are in Vegas, be sure to book your scenic, UTV adventure tour with us at Las Vegas UTV Tours. Give us a call at 702-750-9751 for more information.