Fun Facts about Las Vegas You May Not Know

You don’t even need to step foot in Las Vegas to know what it is all about. From the movies and television depictions to your friend’s Instagram post from a bachelor party weekend, we are sure you probably have a good idea of what goes down in Sin City.

However, at Las Vegas UTV Tours, we are known for providing the entertainment off the beaten path with our guided UTV tours throughout the Vegas Desert. You may have not even been aware that you could cruise the Las Vegas terrain in one of our Can-Am Maverick 1000’s, but we are sure after you book your tour with us, you won’t soon forget.

Now that you know about our thrilling UTV rides, here are some interesting facts about Las Vegas you may never have heard of before!


When Frederick Smith, founder of corporate giant Federal Express, was down on his luck and his company was losing more than $1 million each month, he gathered up the remaining assets of the company and flew to Las Vegas. Here, he used the last $5,000 the company had left and risked it on blackjack bets. Over the span of a weekend, he won an additional $27,000 to keep the business running, and the rest is history.    

Hotel Rooms

Finding the perfect hotel for a trip to Vegas shouldn’t require too much research as there are countless hotels up and down the strip to choose from. Did you know that according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Research Center there are upwards of 150,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas? That’s quite a lot! With the average cost running around $126 per night, a weekend stay may be less expensive than you believe.  

Nuclear Testing Site

Before tourists were coming to Las Vegas to gamble and party, many visitors in the 1950s chose to take in the testing of the United States’ nuclear capabilities. At what was known as the Nevada Test Site, tourists could see mushroom clouds from almost 100 miles away. While visitors can still take a tour of the facility, there are no longer any nuclear weapons at the site.     

There are several other fun facts about Las Vegas, but it’s up to you to make the trip out here to find them for yourself. While you are in Vegas, be sure to book your scenic, UTV adventure tour with us at Las Vegas UTV Tours. Give us a call at 702-750-9751 for more information.