Why Las Vegas is the Perfect Location to UTV

Sin City — the biggest casinos, the finest restaurants, and, of course, the most extravagant versions of whatever you can imagine. Whether it’s gold-encrusted steaks or the Bellagio Fountains, Vegas is all about experiencing the finer things in life. And while these experiences are exciting, they often seem to focus less on pure, unadulterated fun — that’s where Las Vegas UTV Tours comes in.

We have side by side rentals in Las Vegas that let you have the experience of a lifetime! It’s not common for people to think UTVing when they think Las Vegas, but it really is one of the best places in the United States to experience a sport like this.

Great for Beginners and Riders With Experience

One of the best parts about UTVing in Las Vegas is the fact that the riding area is perfect for both beginners and riders with experience. The Nellis Dunes are a great part of the Nevada desert for people to start using side by side off-road vehicles in Las Vegas. They aren’t overwhelmingly challenging, but certain parts of the dunes can help drivers learn how and how not to maneuver their vehicle. Of course, the dunes also have sections that are perfect for riders with experience as well, keeping riders on their toes at all times.

Fantastic Views

Possibly one of the best parts of riding out in the Nellis Dunes is the view that you get from afar. Riders will take in a scenic view of the iconic Las Vegas strip while they are out on their desert adventure. Many riders have told us that this view gives them a new perspective on Vegas! Most people never get to see Las Vegas from the outside in, so this is a special experience for anyone that gets to live it.

Lots of Activities After a Day in the Dunes

Las Vegas, of course, is a place where it is never too hard to find something to do. After a day out in the dunes, you’ll want to take in all that the city itself has to offer. From the hotels and casinos to the shows and events, you’ll find plenty to do after an exhilarating day in the desert.

Not sure what your plans will be? Ask one of our staff members on your tour — they’re sure to help you find something you’re interested in.

UTV in Vegas

Ready for your next adventure? We are too! You can book your UTV tour right now by filling out a contact form or calling our 24-hour reservation line at 908-963-8830. We’ll see you soon!

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