3 Day Trip Ideas That Are Near the Vegas Strip

Are you looking to enjoy all that Las Vegas has to offer, but also trying to spend some time off the strip? We can’t say we blame you. The main hot spots of Las Vegas can be a lot to take in, and if you’re the type of person who enjoys the outdoors and being able to roam freely, you’ll be glad to know there are still tons of things for you to enjoy while you are out here in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has more to offer than just smokey casinos and flashy nightclubs. The surrounding area of Las Vegas offers you some opportunities to get a unique perspective of the Sin City. Here are three day trip ideas that provide you with a great way to enjoy some time off the Las Vegas Strip.   

Lake Mead

If day clubs and pool parties aren’t your types of entertainment, but relaxing by the largest reservoir in the United States is more of your speed, then a trip to Lake Mead for the day should definitely be on your Vegas to-do list. This 112-mile long lake provides you the opportunity to take part in some fun water sports, or soak in some sun rays.   

Hoover Dam

Have you ever seen a structure that can generate 4 billion kilowatt-hours of hydraulic power per year?  That enough to supply 1.3 million people across Nevada, Arizona and California with power each year! If you haven’t seen the Hoover Dam, be sure to add it to your list of day trips to make. With iconic photo opportunities, this is a top sight to see off the Strip.

Outdoor UTV Adventure

Booking a UTV adventure in Las Vegas with us here at Las Vegas UTV Tours is one of the most unique ways to explore the Las Vegas desert and see the city from afar. You’ll hop in one of our brand-new Can-Am Maverick 1000s as you embark on an electrifying off-road experience with our awesome tour guides.

We know a thing or two about how to have fun off the Vegas Strip. With our UTV adventure tours in Las Vegas, we provide you and the whole family with three hours of action-packed thrill-riding through navigable canyon trails and terrain.

To book your UTV tour, call our 24-hour reservation line at 908-963-8830 or browse our website for more information.

What to Expect During a Las Vegas UTV Tour

With the many entertainment options in Las Vegas, there is really no way we can write an entire blog post about what to expect during your stay here. However, here at Las Vegas UTV Tours we still know how to make sure you and your crew still have a blast in Vegas, even if we are located off the beaten path.

Our UTV tours are something that even the most novice of riders can enjoy, and provides visitors with a unique way to spend their day. If you’ve never been on one of our tours or experienced the joy of going off-road in UTVs and side-by-sides, here’s what you can expect during your tour.      

Expect to Take Incredible Pictures

Obviously, pictures are an ideal way to remember any trip by, and when you get out into the Vegas desert and take in the breathtaking views, you are going to want to make sure your camera is handy. Even though most people rely on their smartphones, you are more than welcome to bring your handheld camera with you.

Expect to Get a Little Bit Dirty

Seeing as our tour takes you through various sand dunes and mountainous trails, we recommend that you show up in comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. While being in a side-by-side ensures that you are not as exposed to the elements as an ATV, there is still the possibility of sand or mud splashing up.

Expect to Have an Experience that You Won’t Forget

One of the greatest feelings is being out in the open, experiencing the freedom that comes with riding around the desert. When you and your group of friends wrap up your day following our tour, you’ll be telling your friends and family back home just how exciting our tours are for years to come.

The best way to learn more information on how to book the ride of your life is through our Las Vegas UTV Tours website. Contact us today to get off the sidelines and into a side-by-side for the best tour of Las Vegas!