Saturdays Are for the… UTV Tours

We’ve all heard it — Saturdays are for the boys. Some of us abide by this rule like its written law: Saturdays mean a couple beers with the boys and a night out on on the town. Las Vegas is a great city to practice the SAFTB ritual, boasting one of the best party scenes in the nation. What if you and your boys could make memories other than drinking beers by the pool and getting rejected by girls out of your league?

Well, here at Las Vegas UTV tours, you can. We offer high-speed, adrenaline pumping UTV adventure in Las Vegas that are sure to earn the right to be posted on Barstool’s Instagram page.

Whether you and your buddies are in town for a bachelor party, a weekend of gambling, or you are just tourists, we’ll have you leaving saying “Saturdays (or any day of the week, really) are for the UTV Tours.”

Bachelor Party

Sometimes when you’re at a bachelor party, you need a little break from all of the activities Sin City has to offer. Taking shots and hopping in and out of limos is fun, but it can be taxing and tire everyone out — even in the Sin City. Before the crazy weekend gets started, think about racing through the Nellis Sand Dunes with your buddies. It’s a great way to get the party started, and it’s an even better way to spend your time outdoors.

Gambling Weekend

If you and the guys took a weekend away to try your luck at the blackjack table, you might find yourself feeling like you need to do something where your money guarantees you a good time. Luckily, here at Las Vegas UTV tours, we can guarantee three things: a trip to and from your hotel room, a lunch out in the desert, and an unbelievable UTV experience.


People visiting Las Vegas just to see the neon city, go to a couple shows, and leave — wait! Las Vegas has one more thing to offer you that you might not have thought about: the desert. The desert of Las Vegas is unique, and taking a guided UTV adventure tour in Las Vegas will show you a side of the city you’ll rarely find in a tour book.

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Whether you’re in Vegas for a bachelor party, family vacation, or just a few wild nights of partying with the boys, we want to become part of your weekend getaway experience. To schedule one of our Las Vegas UTV tours, call us on our 24-hour reservation line: 908-963-8830. We’re excited to UTV with you!